As I went to Sweden, I decided to keep on working with textiles and wood in a three-dimensional shape (kind of continuing on my former project that is called Experimental structures) but change to larger scale. I was still interested in how soft and hard materials could be combined together and my goal was to continue on creating a movable, transformable object. I was curious about people's possible interaction with these experimental pieces, how they would react to it if they could set it in motion. I decided to approach the experience of sitting as an active interaction between the body and the object. I have asked myself: what could I add as a textile designer to the theme of seating? I wanted the textile to be part of the construction not just a covering material, but still keeping its softness and flexibility. Trying out different ideas, I experimented with many shapes to find the best combination of the two materials. Merging them into one object, I expected them to strengthen each other’s characteristics in order to achieve a textile sculpture which is transformable and moving. Hence why I decided to work with round shapes so it would be a playful object for the person sitting on it. Going for simple shapes and using the Scandinavian color theme helped me to emphasize the structure and the connection between the two materials.
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